louis/harry fic rec list 2-23-13

or, some fantastic fic i’ve been reading lately 

grow into you | nc-17 | word count: 16,366 | harry is a boy with a crush; louis just thinks it’s annoying

you already know | nc-17 | word count: 1,454 | louis and harry enjoy a night out at a club.  when they’re home, louis gives harry a lapdance and puts on a (slightly drunken) show.

could fly for freedom | not rated | word count: 3,282 | what maybe probably should have could have maybe happened the night harry styles turned 19.  (but most likely not.)

makes a cathedral | nc-17 | word count: ~3,500 | louis wants to leave something more permanent, (tattoo!porn)

time to pretend (series, complete) | nc-17 | word count: 17,153 | they’re in boarding school, and harry really shouldn’t like louis like that, but he does.

let me see you shine | r | word count: 4,918| harry knows the moment he meets louis that louis is his soulmate.  it’s frustrating when louis doesn’t realize it as quickly.

sing along and it might just get you through | r | word count: ~10,500 | what happens when a northern indie-rocker stumbles across a teenie-bopper pop star in the middle of the street in manchester, basically

your arms feel like home | pg-13 | 1,209 | styles gets his way - in which harry is needy and louis is whipped (cuddle!fic)

so baby say you’ll always keep me | nc-17 | word count: 7,689 | it hurts harry when he comes.  they go and get him checked out.  then they have sex again.

make the beats go harder | nc-17 | word count: ~13,500 | harry gets irrationally jealous of actor chad michael murray paying attention to louis whilst the group are in los angeles.  it leads him to being kinda ridiculous.  but also some great make-up sex.

baby you were born to bloom | not rated | “because he’s never seen harry angry.  or, at least not directed at him.” alternatively: harry yells, louis panics, then they’re okay again.

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